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it is the employees at Kantech who drive the company to succeed, ultimately shaping its future. Since we believe our employees are invaluable, we provide a friendly, fast-paced work environment that is flexible enough to allow employees to balance the challenges of their workday with the rest of their lives. Kantech encourages individual growth through training and practical experience, and strong company growth through teamwork and common goals. Kantech helps its employees succeed in their careers and realize their ambitions.

EntraPass Corporate

Our door controllers meet the highest standards in the industry and give you the optimum in versatility and durability.

Demo Kit

EntraPass demo software is the ideal way to demonstrate the exceptional features of EntraPass.

Readers + Cards

Our Access Control Kits include everything you need to build your access control system, while our Expansion

KT- 400

KT-400 is an Ethernet-ready four-door controller that provides 128-bit AES

KT-1 One Door Controller

KT-1 is an Ethernet-ready single door controller, supporting two readers –

EntraPass Go Install

The first of its kind, EntraPass Go Install mobile app provides easy